No kittens tumbling down stairs in unison.

No sensational titles to mundane content.

No boobs jiggling to power ballads.

There's enough .coms to handle these genres.  Our goal isn't to shorten already-dwindling attention spans, but to provide something other than white noise. Hopefully something that provokes thought, discussion or amusement. Rather than reaching for the lowest common denominator, we'll do our best to entertain only some of the people, most of the time. 

This is what Piques our interest. There's no set subject or rules, only an effort to share the "wait, go back" moments that dangle from the web.

Mostly historical, some science, and a dash of entertainment - depending on the day, all or none may apply.

We'll do our best.  And if all else fails?  There's always kittens & boobs.

                  - Collected & curated by Danielito.


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