In 2007 this man and two friends looking for excitement exited a plane over Wisconsin at 11,000 ft. (3,353 mts). When he reached the ground a few minutes later, his life would never be the same again. Depending on your perspective, he's one of the luckiest or unluckiest man to skydive.

From user evilferris' YouTube description:

"At 2,500 feet, my jump partner flairs his canopy causing it slow down rapidly. I entangle with it and he cuts away. Unable to fly a ball of nylon effectively, I impact a cornfield breaking my pelvis, back and neck causing instant paralysis. As I lay waiting for help, spinal shock begins to set in paralyzing my diaphragm and breathing on my own becomes impossible. Rescue breathing is performed as I lose consciousness. Paramedics arrive and I'm med-flighted to UW Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin where I awake days later after surgery and begin life as a quadriplegic. It's taken me four and a half years to be able to watch this video."

Via: YouTube

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