Source: Historoda

Source: Historoda

In an iconic example of totalitarian art, a subtle message to voters during the Italian general election of 1934 is displayed on the facade of the Palazzo Braschi, one of Mussolini's political headquarters during the Italian Fascist period.

The chiseled visage against a sea of positivity overlooked the Piazza di San Pantaleo in Rome while elections were held on March 26, with the National Fascist Party submitting a single party list for voters to decide on with a "Yes" or "No". In addition to all the reminders plastered on the building, ballots were designed with the "Yes" in Italian flag colors and "No" in a drab white, letting voters know there was only one 'patriotic' choice.

Unsurprisingly, the party list was approved by 99.84% of voters, bolstering Mussolini's rule until both he and the National Fascist Party were hung out to dry in July, 1943.

Via: historoda

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